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No Profit

no profit


Sometimes it is nice to live not only of business and of profit. There have been occasions when we too, we have been happy and proud of putting our activity, our professional skills as well as our knowledge and contacts at disposal of the exigencies of the less lucky people. In actual fact, during the years, our company has supported some humanitarian organisations and charitable institutions operating in the developing Countries such as Eritrea , Argentina , India.


UKRAINE EMERGENCY: trying to give a contribution


Trying to give a contribution.

Thanks to our staff's generosity!

Africa: Help for children and the poorest families

Contribution to the creation of a nutritional center for the children in Malawi.

In Rwanda, taking part in development of small economic activities to support families.



An ambulance and various materials needed for a local mission are sent to Cameroon.


Collaboration in Argentina with Father Corti

Collaboration in Argentina with Father Corticontinued for several years, the result of the friendship between the charismatic missionary and the founder of Fischer & Rechsteiner, Giancarlo Riva.


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It ‘nice to see that our work can help and we are pleased when we receive news, photos, and messages that tell us about life and the progress made by our “friends” away.