Mediterranean Sea

Spedizioni Mar Mediterraneo

Shipping to Mediterranean Sea

Fischer & Rechsteiner is the partner that solves your shipping problems by sea and air in the Mediterranean. Behind our name, in fact, there is an experience gained since 1953, with numerous containers and groupage trailers loaded weekly from/to these specific destinations which represented F&R’s first overseas markets: from the first loadings as traditional cargo up to the Today’s use of the container, professionalism and quality have always been the standard characteristics of our services.

Being a leader in maritime groupage shipments to Mediterranean means guaranteeing departures with high frequency, consolidating the goods directly at our own specifically equipped terminal, carefully examining the sales documents, issuing valid negotiable credit documents, etc.

When the time comes to choose the freight forwarder for your shipments in the Mediterranean, rely on F&R, where even small shipments receive maximum attention. It will not be easy to find – in one fell swoop – someone with the same knowledge in this specific market segment and with such a wide range of destinations in the Mediterranean.

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