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Fischer&Rechsteiner - Spedizioniere internazionale
spedizionieri dal 1870

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Fischer & Rechsteiner (F&R) is a family-owned global forwarding company.

The brand of our company first appeared on the market way back in 1870. Over the years, the company has experienced an important development in international transports, through the opening of branches in Italy and partnerships abroad. Today we are a medium-sized international freight forwarder capable of well interpreting and satisfying the needs of exporting and importing companies, offering – in addition to the pure and simple shipments of goods – a complete series of ancillary services, fundamental to being able to compete successfully in the sea and air shipping sector. Enrolment in the Transport Register, being an individual member of Fiata, having the Iata agency and AEO accreditation contribute to giving us a top-level reputation profile.

dal 1870

International Forwarder
since 1870

Fischer & Rechsteiner is an international freight forwarder founded in Italy in 1953 and with a history that began in 1870. Our history is a heritage to invest in the future! Its core business is maritime and air shipping, with particular specialization in the areas of Latin America, Australasia and the Mediterranean/Middle East.

Rischer & Rechsteiner
dal 1870

Fischer & Rechsteiner Group

The sister company in Brazil was launched at the end of 2009, in the wake of Fischer & Rechsteiner’s international vocation as Internationa Freight Forwarders, placing itself alongside the other subsidiaries that have long been active in Cyprus, Lebanon and Tunisia.
Brazil is considered by Fischer & Rechsteiner as a strategic location in Central and South America for international shipping, an area in which approximately one third of the company’s business is concentrated. As it is known, it is the most important Country on the continent, with strong growth potential to place it among the main Countries in the world within a decade.

At the end of 2019, thanks to an agreement with a local operator, F&R-BR significantly expanded its range of action in international shipping in Brazil, offering customers and its agents a broad spectrum of services in international transports including customs clearance activities, road transport of complete loads and groupage deliveries, storage and logistics in specifically equipped warehouses. The company carries out its business in multiple operational points in the Country.

Active in international shipping in Tunisia since the 1980s, Fischer & Rechsteiner created its own company here in October 2013 in order to make its commitment even more qualified.

The company was created to be a reliable point of reference for Italian companies already established in Tunisia or that are looking at this country as a new investment opportunity on a commercial level, as well as to be a reliable international freight forwarder for Tunisian companies that maintain relationships with abroad and seek for international transports.

The current FR INTERNATIONAL TUNISIE S.a.r.l.  counts on competent staff, with a deep knowledge of the local reality and fluent in Arabic, Italian, French and English.

The trade name Fischer & Rechsteiner began way back in 1870 in Venice and was soon transferred to Switzerland in 1882 as the first Forwarder House in Chiasso, coinciding with the inauguration of the Lucerne-Milan railway line. Then transformed from the beginning of the 20th century into “Successors Fischer & Rechsteiner”, International Freight Forwarders.

Since then, many events have taken place, including the establishment of Fischer & Rechsteiner SA starting from 1st October 1946. The company is currently not operational.

EAFF ltd has been operating since summer 1999 in international shipping, on the initiative of its managing director, Mr. Elias Ayiotis.

The head-office is located in Limassol, the main commercial port of the island, and EAFF currently offers local customers internationa transports of groupage and full containers maritime services from the main European and Far Eastern origins.

Fischer & Rechsteiner has held a 25% stake since the company was founded.

The company was created in the summer of 1995 on the joint initiative of 50% each of its managing director, Mr. Claude Sleiman, and Fischer & Rechsteiner.

In the space of a few years, SSS has been able to gain a significant competitive position as international freight forwarder on the Lebanese market, thanks to the professionalism of its staff and the vast network of foreign correspondents: today it is a valid point of reference in international shipping for Lebanese importers.

An important stage in the company’s development was completed at the end of 1998, when the company moved its headquarters to the new owned office, not far from the port and equipped with the most modern equipment to meet customers’ needs for their international transports.

In 2019 Fischer & Rechsteiner took part in the launch of a new international shipping initiative in Tunisia, the 2F Air Cargo company, whose mission is to be active in the specific air transport sector for international transports. The name 2F takes inspiration from the initials of the two partners promoting the initiative: Flylog and Fischer & Rechsteiner.

2F Air Cargo is a Cargo Agent/IATA, International Air Transport Association. This is a further guarantee of seriousness and reliability for our customers seeking an international freight forwarder as their partner.

During 2019, Jetway Supply Chain Corporation (JTW) was launched, a joint venture in whose capital Fischer & Rechsteiner participates for 1/3 together with Jim Ma (founder of the company) and JB Chang (of Korean nationality, with years of experience in our sector).

JTW international freight forwarders, (present with its headquarters in Shanghai and other branches in China), has found in F&R and JB two traveling companions with whom to carry out an important development project in international shipping in the coming years which will be characterized by the continuous economic growth of China.


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