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Terminal and means of transport

The main terminal directly owned used by Fischer & Rechsteiner to handle their activity cover a surface of more than 4.000 sq. mts., where the offices are located well as the 3.000 sq mts covered warehouses and the means maneouvre square.

Inside the warehouse (disposing of an actual hight of 9 meters) are installed two cranes with carrying capacity rispectively of 16tons and 30tons, what permit to move the containers, both 20′ and 40′, very easily. In fact the containers can be put directly on the warehouse surface, making easy to co-ordinate the loading and unloading operations according to our terminal working rythms and exploiting to the utmost the containers loading spaces.

The terminal also disposes of course of several fork lifts and trams to move the goods inside our premises. Inside the warehouses two particular and distinct areas have been created: the first one to store the dangerous goods according to the REI rules, and the second one to be used as customs depot and VAT depot.

Moreover Fischer & Rechsteiner have their own means fleet, composed both by tractors and trailers of different kinds (Cabined, tarpaulined and high volume and a few of them are specifically equipped for the hanging clothes). The variety of the fleet – constantly increased with a few new units easily recognizable by our company trade mark – enable us to be very flexible in our operations both for the containers transfers from/to the ports and for the goods deliveries and picks-up at our Italian clients’ premises.