Large Plants Shipping: F&R’s Experience



Among special transports, Fischer & Rechsteiner managed the import of various helicopters and their accessories, taking care of customs operations and of all the necessary procedures and authorizations.

These are helicopters that will then be used to put out fires after attaching a large water tank to the helicopters themselves.

Steel Mills and Industrial Plants

Among the cargo porjects, Fischer & Rechsteiner Company Spa has taken care of the global transfer of industrial plants and steelworks, both by air and by sea, by container and as bulk cargo when the dimensions are considerable.

In addition to transport by land and sea, F&R took care of all the documentation, the relevant permits and contacts with the competent authorities.

The large metal pieces into which the original systems were divided were dismantled on site, then taken to the Italian ports, left in storage here for the time necessary to complete all the operations, then also embarked on specially chartered ships, and then sent, again by road, to the final destination to be reassembled and rebuilt into a steel mill that will operate in the destination country.

In the past 1970/1980

Starting from the 1970s, Fischer & Rechsteiner began to deal with the transport of large industrial plants.

Between 1970 and 1980 he took care of the shipments of enormous pieces by sea, often with the rental of exclusive ships and self-lifting ships, which are large floating barges carrying enormous cranes capable of embarking and disembarking by their own means.

Among the most important expeditions are:

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