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Cross Border

cross borderA cross-border transaction involves the purchase and sale of goods in non-domestic markets and/or the participation of counterparts resident in different Countries. Consequently, it is necessary to receive and deliver goods located in different Countries making and receiving the related payments.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in this type of transactions. Among the several factors that have contributed to this growth, it is possible to mention, on the one hand, the technological progress that has facilitated communications between companies and the globalization of markets, and on the other hand the dynamism of the exporting companies which are strongly looking for new markets with the aim of meeting the increasingly demanding requirements of its customers with innovative solutions.

Industrial and commercial companies increasingly need to move quickly and effectively the goods from country B to country C without passing through the country of residence A. Fischer & Rechsteiner responds to these demands thanks to its qualified European and global network, studying and offering solutions point-to-point ad-hoc.